Injection Molding: Precision in Action

January 11, 2024 Polydesign Systems

Injection Molding: Precision in Action

With Ali Ouhirra - Program and Tooling Manager

The integration of plastics into the automotive industry has undoubtedly transformed the landscape of vehicle manufacturing. Gone are the days when steel was the primary material for cars; the mid-20th century saw a pivotal shift towards the incorporation of plastics.


The appeal of plastics lies in their low cost, reduced weight, and enhanced safety features. As a result, they have become a staple in automotive design, particularly in interior components that demand both functionality and efficiency.

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In 2004, Polydesign recognized the potential of injection molding as a key enabler in its quest for vertical integration which marked the genesis of our injection molding operation, aimed at delivering top-quality automotive interior and seating components to our customers at the most competitive cost.

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In this Blog Post Ali Ouhirra, Polydesign’s Program and Tooling Manager presents Polydesign’s injection molding capacities and process.


Our injection molding operation leverages a range of presses with tonnages spanning from 40 to 650 tons. This versatility allows us to accommodate diverse project requirements, injecting various resins such as ABS, PC ABS, PA-6, and POM, covering the full spectrum of materials available in the market. This strategic range of tonnages and resins empowers us to ensure that every component is crafted with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

The Injection process kicks off with the reception of customer specifications and CAD designs, enabling our team to craft a detailed injection quotation. Then we delve into defining the mold’s configuration. This involves a thorough mold flow study to understand aspects like alimentation, layout, and size.  

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Before designing the mold, we ensure alignment with our customers’ expectations. Our cross functional team spanning engineering, logistics, and quality departments, collaborate to refine project scopes, address open topics, and incorporate design inputs.

As we receive the mold from our toolmaker, stringent quality checks start. The first tryouts analyze ejection processes, gate positions, and overall part quality. This phase marks the transition to the start of production.

Injection Molding; Plastic Parts

Polydesign’s injection molding operation is a manifestation of our commitment to excellence as we remain committed to deliver components that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Article By:

Ali Ouhirra
Program & Tooling Manager


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