Sourcing Process: A Nerve-wracking Task

In a fast-paced economy, purchasing and procurement professionals agree that dealing with lengthy and unreliable sourcing processes is one of the most nerve-wracking tasks.

In the last 3 years, complicated supply chains were put on hold many times and most of the automotive industry professionals had to pause their operations or relocate their sourcing for survival.

Polydesign Systems: The Exception

During the same period, we maintained our operations and kept supplying our clients all across Europe.

How did we do it?

With a unique blend of strategic agility, Know-how, Geographical proximity, and passionate workforce.

Sound interesting? Then, let’s dive into the details

1. Vertical Integration:

Polydesign offers vertically integrated manufacturing solutions. From injection molding to knitting, braiding, weaving, cut and sew, foaming, wrapping, and assemblies, we oversee every step of the automotive interior manufacturing process in-house. This integrated approach accelerates the production timeline and guarantees a higher degree of agility and quality control.

Say goodbye to the hassles of coordinating with different suppliers – we’ve got it all covered under one roof.

2. Geographical Proximity to Europe

Strategically located in Tangier Free Zone – Morocco, Polydesign Systems enjoys geographical proximity to Europe – a significant advantage for your sourcing needs.
This proximity equals reduced lead times and competitive costs, enabling us to supply your automotive interior components efficiently anywhere in Europe.

3. Development and Manufacturing Expertise

We are a one-stop solution provider. Our Experts are not only well-versed in manufacturing but are also passionate about Innovation and Development. Whether you’re looking for innovative design updates or seeking specific customization, our dual expertise in development and manufacturing ensures that your requirements are met with precision.

4. Passionate and Dedicated Workforce

Our workforce is the backbone of our company’s success.
With a commitment to excellence, they pour their enthusiasm into every detail of the Development and Manufacturing process.
This Dedication is reflected in the final products we deliver .

Don't let complex sourcing processes hold you back.

Embrace simplicity and efficiency in your sourcing journey.



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