Sustainable Procurement:
Shaping tomorrow through responsible supply chains

In a world shaped by environmental concerns, shifting consumer expectations, and an ever-growing social conscience, companies are increasingly recognizing the imperative to rethink their approach to procurement. Amidst this backdrop, the concept of sustainable procurement has emerged as a beacon of hope and progress, offering a pathway toward responsible business practices.

In this blog post, Sanaa Kasri, Head of the Procurement Department at Polydesign, takes us for a closer look at the sustainable Procurement practices within the company.

Interview with Mrs. Sanaa Kasri - Head of Procurement Department
Polydesign Systems

Q: Could you explain to us how the Procurement department integrates sustainability into its procurement practices, especially regarding the sourcing of materials and products?

A: The strategic importance that Polydesign places on sustainable procurement is manifested in responsible product sourcing and a refined selection of service providers and suppliers who are aware of the importance of prioritizing sustainable materials, working on reducing their ecological footprint, adopting transparency, and promoting ethical relationships based on the principles of integrity and human rights protection.

Q: What specific initiatives has the Procurement department undertaken to promote environmental sustainability in our supply chain?

A: Some of our service providers are already aware of the significant sustainability issues, while others require support to raise awareness and provide the necessary assistance for their development. Indeed, this is a collective effort that requires increased collaboration to succeed. Our Responsible Procurement Charter guides our suppliers and service providers to integrate sustainability concepts into their core activities on ethical, human rights protection, and economic, societal, and environmental performance levels.

Q: How does the Procurement department measure and track the impact of its efforts on sustainable procurement on environmental sustainability indicators?

A: We have incorporated new criteria’s into the supplier evaluation grid following the guidelines of Ecovadis, the CGEM RSE Label, AFAQ, as well as others, to further segment our supply base and develop a supplier management program that considers our sustainability strategic orientations.

Q: Can you provide examples of successful sustainable procurement projects led by your team or in collaboration with external partners?

A: An example that is particularly important to me: Developing the local economic ecosystem is a priority for Polydesign, therefore, we prioritize the use of local providers/partners located in Morocco for resins, adhesives, and soon for yarns.


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