From Pixels to Reality: Digital Cutting Expertise

January 25, 2024 Polydesign Systems

From Pixels to Reality: Digital Cutting Expertise

With Siham Saaidi - Engineering Technician

In the not-so-distant past, crafting automotive interiors meant skilled craftsmen shaping materials by hand. However, the industry transformed significantly with the introduction of digital cutting processes.

In this blog post, Siham Saaidi, one of Polydesign’s skilled CAD technicians, will present the details of Polydesign’s advanced digital cutting process.

Siham Saidi CAD Technician; Digital Cutting Process

Polydesign relies on cutting-edge XY cutting machines.. Two dedicated CAD technicians play crucial roles, Mr. Hicham Sektaoui during the Project phase and Ms. Siham Saaidi in the Series phase, maximizing efficiency at every step.

Lectra Digital Cutting Machines

Lectra Digital Cutting Machine

The shift towards digital cutting since 2004 and the advancements overs th past 20 years has empowered our CAD Technicians to redefine precision, efficiency, and customization standards. These advanced techniques use computerized systems to achieve unprecedented precision and efficiency, reshaping how manufacturers approach interior component design and production.

Siham Saidi; CAD Technician; Digital Cutting Process


Our CAD Technicians use our digitalization stations to convert from Catia 3D to CAD Software or receive DXF files from customers. They carefully prepare cutting placements and verify technical details before sending the placement file to the cutting team. If customers request modifications or the engineering team suggests changes, Polydesign seamlessly uses digitization boards to transfer real-world data into the CAD software. This step allows Polydesign to transition easily from physical to digital elements, providing agility and flexibility.

Digitization Board; Siham Saidi, Lectra Broad, Digital Cutting

Digitization board; 2D To 3D; Automotive Interior, Tokenization in Manufacturing

Digitizing the cutting process extends beyond production; it is integral to quality control. Digital plans enable Polydesign to use large screens for validating cut pieces, eliminating the need for printed plans that are time-consuming to search, prone to damage, ensure only the last index level is used and are less environmentally friendly.

Quality control of Digital Plans; Digital Cutting; Automotive Interiors; PolydesignQuality Control; Digital Cutting Process; Automotive Interiors

The remarkable tolerance achieved by modern XY cutting machines is at the heart of this digital transformation, allowing for the creation of intricate designs and patterns with unparalleled accuracy. Digital Cutting In automotive interiors industryCut parts; Digital Cutting;Automotive interiors industry

In addition to precision, digital cutting processes contribute to enhanced efficiency and sustainability. Optimized cutting patterns minimize material waste, aligning with the industry’s emphasis on eco-friendly manufacturing practices. This reduction in waste not only benefits the environment but also improves cost-effectiveness for manufacturers.

Lectra machine cutting leatherDigital Cutting; Lectra; Automotive Interiors, Seating components

Our adoption of Digital Cutting and experience of over 20 years has allowed Polydesign to consolidate its vertical integration, resulting in shorter lead times, better cost control, more sustainable processes, and improved quality.

Curious to see the stunning results of Polydesign’s digital cutting process?

Click here and explore our Products pages to witness the seamless transition from the digital realm to tangible automotive interior masterpieces.


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Siham Saidi; CAD Technician, Automotive Interiors,

Siham Saaidi
Engineering Technician


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