Semi-Automatic Assembly in Automotive Interiors

February 21, 2024 Polydesign Systems

Semi-Automatic Assembly in Automotive Interiors

Improved Lead Times, Better Costs, and Uncompromised Quality

Complex interior trim parts require a variety of processes and technologies to produce them. In a fast-paced industry, such as automotive, where every minute counts, you know you must act swiftly. You need a solution that streamlines the manufacturing process and ensures timely delivery of components without sacrificing quality or exceeding your budget.

To achieve these objectives, Polydesign thoroughly analyzes its customers’ requests and assesses the most cost effective and technically adapted solution to develop parts, whether they require manual, semi-automatic or automatic processes and then suggests a personalized solution.

We understand the limitations and challenges of each process family, and we are committed to providing the most adapted workflow and drive success for you and your team using the 3 techniques at different stages of the manufacturing process on one final assembly.

In the following Blog Post, we take a closer look at three of the most important semi-automatic processes we use in our wrapping business unit: Heat Staking, Hot Plate Welding, and Vacuum Wrapping.

  • Heat Staking: Heat Stake technology streamlines the assembly process by utilizing precisely controlled heat to melt polymer stakes/pegs, forming a robust bond with the mating surface. This technique significantly reduces assembly time compared to traditional methods, resulting in cost savings, minimized assembly time and improved production efficiency.

  • Hot Plate Welding: Hot Plate Welding offers a high-speed method for joining thermoplastic components, achieving seamless bonds with exceptional strength. This technique also optimizes production efficiency by enabling rapid assembly of complex components with minimal setup time. The Consistent heating and pressure application ensure uniform weld quality, minimizing the risk of defects and reducing scrap rates.

  • Vacuum Wrapping: Vacuum Wrapping technology offers a cost-effective solution for wrapping interior components in materials such as leather or synthetic roll stock. By eliminating the need for adhesives and mechanical fasteners, this technique reduces material waste and assembly complexity. The precise application of vacuum pressure ensures optimal material usage, minimizing waste, thus reducing the costs and lead times.

At Polydesign Systems we are dedicated to helping our customers overcome the challenges of time, cost, and quality consistency. By harnessing the power of semi-automatic techniques like Heat Staking, Hot Plate Welding, and Vacuum Wrapping, we empower our clients to achieve greater efficiency and profitability without compromising on quality.







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