Foam In Place Integration

June 25, 2024 Polydesign Systems

Foam In Place Integration

Comfort in Motion

In the landscape of automotive interiors, managing multiple suppliers for foam inserts to manufacture interior and seating components can be a logistical nightmare, but what if there was a solution that streamlines this process and consolidates supply chains?

Our integrated Foam In Place technology is a game changer for automotive interior procurement specialists seeking efficiency and simplicity.



In the following Blog Post, Omar Lekorchi takes us on a tour to discover our in-house FIP Process, its transformative impact on our operations and how it enables us to provide full vertical integration, versatility and precision.

The Foam In Place Process:

Design and Mold Preparation: The process begins with designing the desired part and creating a mold that matches the specifications. This mold is then prepped to ensure the foam adheres correctly and cures without imperfections.

Mixing and Pouring: Next, the FIP Machine mixes liquid chemicals in precise proportions and pours them into the mold. The mixture begins to expand and fill the mold, creating a foam that takes on the exact shape of the mold cavity.


Curing and Finishing: The foam is then allowed to cure, solidifying into a durable, cushioned component. Once cured, the part is removed from the mold and undergoes Quality Control and any necessary finishing processes to achieve the desired appearance.

Foam In Place Technology: Vertical Integration to Simplify your sourcing process

Streamlined Production Processes: FIP technology enables us to produce custom-fit foam components directly within our facility, eliminating the need for outsourcing multiple production steps and assembly processes. This streamlines production, reduces lead times, and enhances overall efficiency. As a result, we achieve greater vertical integration and mastery of the complete part’s functionality by bringing more of the manufacturing process in-house.

Enhanced Quality Control: By integrating FIP technology into our manufacturing processes, we have greater control over the quality of interior components. Producing components in-house allows for real-time monitoring and adjustments, ensuring that each part meets the desired specifications and quality standards. This level of control enables us to maintain consistency and reliability across production batches.

Cost Savings: By reducing reliance on external suppliers, we enable our customers to reduce their costs. Additionally, vertical integration can reduce transportation and logistics expenses associated with outsourcing production to external suppliers.

Reduced Supply Chain Risks: Vertical integration through FIP technology reduces dependency on several suppliers, mitigating the risk of supply chain disruptions. Our Integrated FIP enables Procurement specialists to proactively manage production schedules and respond swiftly to changing market conditions.


Integrated Foam-In-Place technology has simplified the way we design and manufacture various components of automotive interiors. By providing a custom fit and superior cushioning, FIP enhances the aesthetics and functionality of these parts. Our integrated Foam in Place process ensures that each component is crafted with precision, offering unparalleled comfort and durability.

At Polydesign we use our Integrated Foam in Place process for a large selection of solutions such as:

  • Armrests: Providing optimal support and comfort for drivers and passengers, our armrests reduce fatigue and enhance the overall driving experience.
  • Door Handles: FIP door handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, providing a soft and durable grip.
  • Door Panels: Our FIP technology ensures door panels are not only stylish, but also contribute to noise reduction and thermal insulation, creating a quieter, more comfortable cabin environment.
  • Center Consoles: Our center consoles are designed for durability and comfort.Using FIP, we provide a sturdy, yet comfortable, surface for resting arms and storing essentials.



The Future of Foam In Place Technology:

As automotive technology continues to evolve, FIP will play an increasingly important role in interior design and manufacturing. Advances in materials science and chemical engineering will further enhance the properties of the foam, making it even more versatile and effective. Additionally, the push towards sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing practices will drive innovations in FIP processes and materials.


Foam-In-Place technology is at the forefront of automotive interior innovation, offering unparalleled benefits in vertical integration, comfort, customization, and durability.

Have questions or want to discuss how Foam-In-Place technology can enhance your automotive interior projects? Contact our Experts today to Shorten and Simplify your sourcing process.

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Omar Lekorchi
Wrapping Business Unit Manager


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